Trys milijonai eurųThree million Euros.

Can money drive you crazy, when there’s not much sanity left to begin with? Partners Julius and Zivile experienced first hand that one can have a stroke of luck even if debt collectors where knocking on the doors just a day before. Three million euros – is a lottery prize that ensures both the effectiveness of (VMI arba HMRC atitikmuo UK, arba tiesiog auditors) and the authentic strength of Lithuanian love. Will the partners manage to cover their debts without getting into new ones? Money can turn friends to enemies and enemies to friends. Julius will have to decide whom to trust and to always make sure to remember his partner from the very recent hard times. What would You do if you won more Euros than there are Lithuanians left in the country? Which of your dreams would You turn to reality first? New comedy by Tadas Vidmantas – “THREE MILLION EUROS”