Klasės susitikimas. Berniukai sugrįžta.Class meeting. The boys are coming back.

THE BOYS ARE COMING BACK! The most popular stars of all times from the Lithuanian comedy “Between us, the boys…” : Audrius Bružas, Leonardas Pobedonoscevas, Kirilas Glušajevas and Mantas Vaitiekūnas – are appearing in the new comedy “CLASS REUNION”. How has the boys’ life changed during those two years?
Tomas (actor A. Bružas) has always known what the women want, however, now he is sure what the women need to find an ideal man. Having changed his image, grown impressive muscles and a beard with a moustache, Tomas organizes inspirational seminars and enjoys the exceptional attention from women. Gediminas (actor L. Pobedonoscevas) is successfully married and left for Bali on his honeymoon. Others are not doing so well. Linas (actor K. Glušajevas) is even more pinned to his wife’s, Kristina’s(actress Ineta Stasiulytė) , apron, while Vytautas (actor M. Vaitiekūnas) is suffering from a real middle age crises- his wife left him and he’s completely getting crazy. And one day they all receive the invitations to the Class Reunion party- a chance of a life-time for the four friends to get together and set out for the Men’s journey.

The class reunion after 20 years-is a challenge for each of them. Firstly, everyone has got a task, and Linas the most difficult one-to make a speech. What about, when the life seems not a bed of roses at all? And as if on purpose he will have to meet a lass he used to be in love with at school… But, the boys remain boys, they encounter extraordinary adventures on the way: a visit to the fertility clinics, new acquaintances in a night club, ordeals in a local party, sports club and in the streets.
Finally the unforgettable class reunion, which will forever change the lives of the four heroes.
The director who created the comedy “CLASS REUNION. THE BOYS ARE COMING BACK!” and is also the author of the comedy “Between us, the boys…” continues his best film traditions. The spectators will see not only the four charismatic actors, and will be mesmerized by their insight about the women but will also notice many new details which will help to get to know the characters. Every single film hero will allow the men to have a look at themselves from the side and to laugh at numerous familiar qualities, while the women will have a perfect opportunity to understand better what their husbands get occupied with when not watched by the weakest gender.