Received call 3

After the success of the first film, The 7th Police Department does what police officers get to do extremely rarely – spend large sums of money. Once the unofficial slogan of the Police Department changes from “Defend, Protect, Help” to “Buy, Spend, Waste” it becomes evident that happiness can’t be bought with money nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. The police crew draws problems to themselves as magnets, receive the toughest calls as well as manage the most delicate situations and consequentially the money does not last long in the firm hands of justice. Does money change people? Which one of the police officers is pregnant? Won’t all of the beloved characters make to the end of the movie? With more celebrities having joined the cast, the creators promise to answer all of these questions in an even more fun and more impressive third instalment of the sole police comedy in Lithuania – “Received Call 3”.